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Have you ever had the idea of becoming part of something hugely innovative, immensely creative and professionally exhilarating; but weren’t quite sure which outlet or industry might provide that special elixir to quench that personal thirst in you? If so, G1NBC  is about to present you with what just might wind up being the opportunity of your lifetime!

At G1NBC we’ve opened our Affiliate Broadcasting Memberships to a select number of individuals throughout the USA. Now that your curiosity lamp has been relit,  please read further.

When you’ve finished reviewing this presentation; give us a call, and let’s see where it all leads. G1NBC has made a monumental splash in the world of G1NBC Network Broadcasting! It’s really quite simple! We figure it’s about time people were given true options for their viewing enjoyment.

From locally produced shows to national and international gems, when it comes to G1NBC entertainment the options are limitless.

Your Local Hometown G1NBC Station Affiliate

As a G1NBC Affiliate, you will have complete control of your station’s programming.  You will be licensed to advertise your station’s call letters to a worldwide audience that is ALWAYS up and running on-air.You will produce and air your own shows and reap Your Local Hometown viewers immediately. You will make a difference in Your Local Hometown by highlighting the talents of local citizens; and then making them available not only on a grassroots but international level.

At your fingertips will be instant access to prototype marketing packages that have been honed over nearly 3 decades – in order to provide you with a robust presentation to pitch to your advertisers, production staff and a myriad of others wishing to garner recognition for their talent.

You will essentially be the Executive Producer of hundreds upon hundreds of programs that will be made available 24/7/365 over your G1NBC Network Broadcast Affiliate Station.

You will also have direct access to and personal guidance from the G1NBC Global 1 Network Broadcasting Company, as well as the entire broadcasting family team at our World Headquarters.

Your technical questions will be a quick phone call or Email away. Your tools to succeed will be furnished with pleasure and expediency.

Your passion to pursue a venture as exciting as G1NBC Network Broadcasting will give you a tangible sense of the positive power that comes with being a broadcasting executive; and you can do it in your own creative style!The main goal of G1NBC is to have 300 Stations Affiliates throughout the United States.  It is a lofty goal, but, highly attainable, based on thorough research.

We welcome your questions and are prepared to give you solid, thoughtful answers.  If we are right for each other, that would certainly be a bit of good fortune at work.

If for whatever reason, fate does not allow it; please know we appreciate the fact that you expressed an initial interest in this exciting venture and that we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. if you like to know more about becoming a G1NBC Station Affiliate

Call 704.352.3258 and get started.